About Us


Paws on the Avenue started with a vision to help families have healthy pets through natural & holistic foods and supplements. Caroline's own dogs, Liesel and Murphy, served as her inspiration.

Caroline Clore had grown up in a large family with a number of dogs in and around. One day while walking around a shopping center she felt pulled into a store that sold puppies. Today Caroline advocates for animal rescue, adoption and responsible breeding, but twenty years ago she took one look at an oversized Weimaraner in a too-small cage and lost her heart. She took home 3 month old Liesel and settled into an adventurous life with a mischievious puppy. Ask Caroline to tell you the story about how Liesel ate her jewelry box including her grandmother's diamond dinner ring. As Liesel grew older she developed digestive issues (what do you expect when you eat jewelry?!). Caroline's vet put her on a prescription diet and medication, but her condition didn't improve. The steroids led her to eat ravenously, her coat grew dry and flaky, and she lacked energy.

One fateful day on vacation Caroline entered another pet store, this one owned by a couple who believed in holistic and natural products. As she described Liesel's situation she was told that Liesel very probably had a food allergy. Indeed the main protein in the prescription diet food was the same one Liesel had always eaten, the popular and inexpensive chicken. The store owners told Caroline about the health problems resulting from cheap diets, the long-term effects of steroids and the types of diets canines had consumed historically. Caroline immediately changed Liesel's diet and within 2 months all her health problems were corrected. Liesel had a smooth, silky coat, normal eating habits, and a bounce back in her step.

Caroline was amazed, and continued to research on the (then new) internet everything she could find about natural, holistic and organic foods for dogs. At this point she'd rescued Murphy, a chocolate labrador. Murphy didn't have any digestive problems, but she did suffer from hip dysplasia. Caroline found natural supplements for Murphy which provided signifcant improvement.

Caroline had a vision to share how beneficial simple dietary changes could be. She developed a business plan for a pet store while continuing to work in the corporate world. Caroline considered numerous locations from Boston to Birmingham. Eventually was swayed by her sister, Jane, who encouraged her to come to Lake Worth.

In November 1999 Paws on the Avenue opened its doors. Caroline, Liesel and Murphy, affectionately known as The Girls, waited to see if their vision would connect with the community. To say they succeeded would be an understatement. One of the first stores in this area to promote pet related green products, ancestral raw diets, pet themed art and gourmet bakery goods. Celebrating ten years in business on Lake Avenue, Paws on the Avenue has been a cornerstore of downtown revitalization efforts. Active in the business and pet communities, they've been a generous friend to an endless number of animal rescue organizations. Every year in December Paws on the Avenue hosts photo sessions with Santa with all proceeds benefiting the Palm Beach Animal Care and Control Spay Shuttle. Caroline had successfully blended her avocation into her vocation.

The Girls oversaw the opening and the first years of Paws on the Avenue. They starred in an early commercial and greeted numerous customers with friendly tail wags. Murphy passed away suddenly due to an intestinal blockage that was not recognized by the relief emergency vet. (From this experience Caroline strongly urges people to trust their own intuition when they believe something is seriously wrong with their animals.) Liesel passed away at the ripe old age of 16 due no doubt to her good nutrition and healthcare. Jasper, another Weimaraner 3 years old, was adopted by Caroline in January 2009 from Palm Beach Animal Care and Control.

Today Caroline, Becca, Dennis, Justin and Melanie (along with Snickers & Jasper) continue to fulfill Paws on the Avenue's vision.