Friends and Customers, 

We are firm believers in preparedness over panic. While we are in the midst of growing coronavirus concerns we have a few requests to ensure the safety of us all.  

 1. Please refrain from our usual greetings. Let’s forgo hugs and handshakes. We love you all - so this makes us sad - but it’s necessary to stay safe.  

 2. Practice Social Distancing - Social distancing is a public health intervention in which people are discouraged from convening in groups and encouraged to keep physical distance from others in order to slow the spread of illness. 

 3. Stock up! We recommend a month of food for each animal, supplements, treats and toys to keep your pets busy as well as any flea and tick treatments you may need.  

 4. Address health concerns now - call your veterinarian and be sure to have a month’s worth of medications on hand.   

 5. While we have yet to institue limits to the amount of food that can be purchased, be prepared for that to happen should we get closer to a quarantine. While our stock is normal now, that may change.  

 6. Keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram and website for announcements.  

Please be patient with us and with one another while we navigate this unknown.  


Your POTA family